IOBA Booksellers Beginning with the Letter V

Valley Books

P.O. Box 2127647 S. Pleasant St. Amherst,, Massachusetts 01002 United States
Specializing in: American History, Art And Photography, Audio Books, Children's Books, Literary Criticism, Literature, New England, Vintage Paperbacks
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Vanessa Parker Rare Books

Old ThatchMulranny Westport, Co Mayo. F28 R851 Ireland
Specializing in: Antiquarian & Fine Bindings, Children`S, & Irish Children`S Books, First Editions, Horses, Dogs, Fishing, Pony`S, Illustrated, Irish, Ireland, Irish Children`S, Literature, Irish Literature, Irish Poetry, ,, Poetry, Irish Poetry,
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Veery Books

233 East 12th Street #3B New York, New York 10003 United States
Specializing in: 2) American Popular Music: Early 19th Century To The 1940s, 3) Literature: Fiction & Poetry, 4) Bibliography: Bookseller’S Catalogs, Books Auction Catalogs, 5) Catalogs Of Manuscripts, Ephemera, Prints, Art, 6) Rare And Unusual American Imprints From The 19th Century, Music, Music Books & Scores
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Vivarium Books

P. O. Box 7263 Saint Paul, Minnesota 55107 United States
Specializing in: Ancient Studies, Byzantine Studies, Catholic, Church History, Medieval Studies
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