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1) The World of "Mestre" Tamoda : Angolan Stories
Xitu, Uanhenga; McDermott, Annella (translator)
Columbia, LA, U.S.A.: Readers International, 1988. Columbia: Readers International, 1988. First edition in English published simultaneously with hardcover. Unusual and attractive cover art by Angolan artist Francisco D. Van-Dúnen. "Mestre" Tamoda is the archetypal bush lawyer, mock rhetorician and speechifier, the creation of a revolutionary leader improsined for more than a decade by the Portuguese. Slight imperfects. Appears unread. Near fine.. First Edition. Soft Cover. Near Fine. 8vo ... more information

Offered by Rose's Books, IOBA (Massachusetts, United States)
Results 1 - 1 of 1
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